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  • Twiddle
  • Sustainable Beacon
  • February 2014
  • 120 Hours Architecture Competition Entrant
  • Catherine He and Amy Sun

Sustainable architecture is a constantly adaptable and interactive experience. An experience that brings about an awareness of natural systems as well as the potential to harness the free energy present in these systems. Through material and sensory feedback spaces can be made flexible and able to respond to environmental conditions based on the occupant’s needs.

Twiddle is a space of adaptability and interactivity.

Twiddle is a beacon and semi-private space found at the heart of the Tøyen Park and Øya Music Festival. It is situated to provide an area for alternative activities between the times of festivities and rest, day and night. Twiddle is a permeable space for collaborative interactions, sheltered gatherings, and spontaneous meetings.

A singular system of pivoting wood panels creates a dynamic façade that morphs in tune with its inhabitants. The façade functions as a wind and light screen that allows users to manipulate the qualities of the space to suit their activities. Through iterative interactions and feedback, people are made more conscious of the autonomous yet controllable qualities of these natural elements. Furthermore, the same panels that provide environmental control can be appropriated as furniture, thus extending the structure’s programmatic potential.

Through physical and sensory experiences, Twiddle brings attention to the presence of natural systems as well as our individual and collective abilities to influence them towards a sustainable end.