Guyana Wellness Centre

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  • Guyana Wellness Centre
  • November 2015
  • Proposal and Schematic Design
  • Client : LTJ Psychotherapist

We recognize that the challenges faced by Guyana – by its land and its people – are varied, numerous, and systemic. A complex interplay of social, environmental, cultural, and historical factors not only influence and culminate in the sense of hopelessness, deprivation, and lack of safety, but also manifest in harmful behaviors such as racism, domestic violence, mental illness, suicide, and abuse, which only further destroy the well-being of Guyana’s environment and it’s people.

However, we envision a healthy, whole, and flourishing Guyana.

We are dedicated to walking the path of healing alongside the Guyanese people on their journey toward health and wholeness. We are dedicated to planting and nurturing seeds of hope and safety – through a whole-being healing centre – so the people of Guyana can learn to consciously embrace the worth of their environment, their neighbours, and their communities, and their selves.

Lauren T. Johnson, LTJ Psychotherapy