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  • Basecamp: Platform for Urban Nomadic Living
  • October 2019
  • The Home Competition 2019- Entrant
  • Catherine He and Christian Lam

Basecamp was founded at the beginning of the movement, during a time when mobile homes, house-vehicles, and trailers had little choice but to park in the bush, on the shoulder of a highway, or in a parking lot of a mall – likely illegally. For long-term stays there were trailer parks, but these were often inconveniently located on the outskirts of town or on the “wrong side of the tracks”. The choices were slim for those living on the move, especially inside cities. There were few places that offered urban nomads access to privacy, amenities, or simply peace of mind.

However, with the rapid growth of urban nomadic living, cities all over the world began to adapt to a different kind of resident: the kind that carried their homes with them wherever they went. In response, a new form of short-medium term “housing” began to emerge; a flexible space that complemented and expanded on the functions and spaces of the “core” mobile home. What began as retrofitted parking structures has proliferated into purpose-built, multi-storey, multi-use, and vibrant mobile neighbourhoods.

Today, Basecamp is dedicated to helping the ever-growing urban nomadic population, to live light, live free, and live more.