Heat Signature

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  • Heat Signature
  • How 7 Days of Lost Heat Cooked 213 Eggs
  • January 2014
  • M.Arch. Waste_ Studio Project

How 7 Days of Lost Heat Cooked 213 Eggs:

In one week my body radiated 76188 kJ of thermal energy, the equivalent of consuming 196 eggs or 18209 kcal. The radiated thermal energy can cook 213 hard boiled eggs to provide 19847 kcal for consumption.  Egg calories not converted to useful work can then be released, again, by the body as thermal energy.

What is waste? What if we could collect all the energy that is “wasted” by our bodies on a daily basis? What could we do with this energy? Heat Signature is a “waste selfie” that visualizes one week in my life, my activities, and how much radiation is emitted into the environment depending on temperature differential of my own body and the air around it. Then, that number is translated into a easily digestible unit, number of eggs cooked. To complete the cycle, the energy provided by the eggs is then reintroduced back into my body, re-emitted as heat…etc.