Treehouse Module

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  • Treehouse Module
  • June 2020
  • YAC Treehouse Module Competition – Entrant
  • Catherine He

The treehouse is a modular system that adapts to the shape, height, and breadth of the tree at it’s center. A reflective central courtyard creates a private inner “forest” – a multitude from one. From within, one can appreciate the passing of seasons as well as the gradual growth of it’s “heart tree”.

The treehouse features a variety of modular rooms and components, configured to suit the needs of the user. Each module building upon the next, gradually rising up and up…

Within a grove, on a river bank, or on the doorsteps of a ruined castle, the treehouse is designed for flexibility and a light touch on it’s surroundings. The natural curves and light materials reflect the shapes and sun-bleached colours of the adjacent ruins – a miniature castle in it’s own right.