Transform: Vancouver’s Viaducts

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  • Transform: Vancouver’s Viaducts
  • Landscape of Energetic Potential
  • November – December 2013
  • M.Arch. Flat Studio Project
  • Fentress Global Challenge: Upcycled Urbanism Entrant

The Dunsmuir and Georgia Viaducts were built in 1971 and run through the former industrial landscape of North East False Creek Flats. Today, the viaducts conduct over 40,000 vehicles a day over an immense piece of waterfront property that is undeveloped and largely uninhabited. The site is currently composed of a waterfront trail, parking lots, fenced off compounds, and vacant lots.

The site is located at a crossroads of habitation, transportation, and recreation. It is a point of transients energies ready to be tapped into.

Through a series of energetic transformations, this project proposes a re-imagining of the viaducts and waterfront property into a landscape of generation, remediation, and reconnection.