Sonic Spaces

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  • Sonic Spaces
  • Acoustic Environments
  • April 2013
  • M.Arch. Bionic Timber Studio
  • Best in Studio Award Recipient

Buildings are sensory curators. They present certain stimuli, modify some, and inhibit others. Though most attention is paid to our sense of sight, the sonic environment can likewise be affected. The proposed pavilion is one such curator.

Perched on the bank of a creek, at the boundary of water and land, the pavilion is a receiver, container, and resonator for various site-specific sonic phenomena. The covered walkway is grafted onto an existing creek-side path, visually depressing yet sonically enhancing the users’ experience of the existing site. Walls, floors, and ceilings are shaped to capture, channel, and amplify sounds along the creek. Meanwhile, at the center of the pavilion a fire rumbles unseen throughout parts of the structure.