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  • Guardian
  • November 2020
  • Toronto Winter Stations 2021 – Entrant
  • Catherine He and Julie An

From afar, a sinuous and tentacular silhouette emerges from the sand. A ruby glow from beneath its translucent skin and flashes of vibrant red along its curving underbelly brings warmth and vitality to the curious figure; an echo of local legends and mysterious creature sightings in the Great Lakes.

Up close, the shadow of a dormant lifeguard station resolves itself at the heart of the sculpture. From this core, the volume extrudes and arches upward through the air. As the form dips down into the sand, it gently cups a seating area in which visitors can take refuge from the elements. The protection provided by the lifeguard station in summer is maintained by the Guardian in winter.

Guardian’s organic form is built of an aluminum exoskeleton and clad with a translucent, waterproof skin. The semi-covered seating area creates a refuge from wind and snow, while framing views of Lake Ontario.